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This modular course includes three levels, from certificate to master. This course is specifically designed to educate actual and potential policymakers and uses the latest adult learning technologies. In this course, by passing three modules, you will succeed in obtaining a certificate, by passing three other courses, you will succeed in obtaining a diploma, and by taking two more advanced modules along with writing and defending a dissertation, you will succeed in obtaining a master’s degree in executive public policy.

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Executive Public Policy Diploma (ePPd)

Master on EMPP


"How good and exciting the course was. I also had very good classmates. The teaching method was very different and very practical. Policy theories were excellent in terms of review, but they were unique in terms of their application, and I had never had such an experience before. Selecting cases and analyzing them using models such as team role-play was completely new to me and I will never forget."
Alene Elvine
This course was different from all the previous courses I had taken. I was introduced to concepts and policy analysis skills that I had never heard of before. The course was extremely useful and motivating to continue my studies. Thanks to the course organizers.
Jonas Gerber
Do not miss the unique experience of participating in the executive policy course by presenting real policy cases in the contemporary world by politicians and policy analysis by policy professors.

: Distinguished and awarded students of the last course

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Development of policy brief

Designing and writing a policy report

Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS)

Role modelling in policy lab: Interactive policy-making